ANZRS version 3 now released!

Great news, everyone!  The newest release of ANZRS is now available – you can now get your hands on version 3!

We have kept significant changes to a minimum, as promised, but have worked hard to take all your feedback into consideration and to present a new pack that would be easier to navigate, more helpful and hopefully more practical to implement – to whatever extent you wish to.

Countries with ANZRS downloaders, shown in blue

As a general summary of what’s happened since the release of ANZRS version 2:

  • In the six months since its release, ANZRS version 2 has been downloaded more than 2,500 times from people spreading across 72 countries – far exceeding our own expectations!
  • ANZRS and AEC (UK) BIM Standards initiative have a reciprocated endorsement agreement.  The two organisations will continue to work together to improve their respective work.
  • ANZRS implementation statistics are soon to be established via a short survey, but several key large projects and organisations have already committed to implementing ANZRS.  The project value so far (that the ANZRS committee is aware of) tallies more than $6billion.
  • ANZRS and AMCA’s BIM-MEPAUS  initiative continue to work together, with Revit content for BIM-MEPAUS to be compliant with ANZRS.

We’ve responded to feedback, with a number of format changes:

  • No password required to read the documentation.
  • PDF Portfolio format omitted, making it easier to read on mobile devices and applications (e.g. iBooks).
  • Improved graphic design and layout, including bookmarks.
  • Additional discipline-specific checklists for compliance requirements.

We’ve also made some content changes:

  • Checklists are now available as a separate download, for easier input and aggregation.
  • Additional MEP subcategories have been added.
  • Some improvements to Shared Parameters.

For more detail on the changes since Version 2, please refer to the ANZRS v3 Change Log. {filelink=8}

Download ANZRS version 3.