BIM-MEP(AUS) Industry Forum: “Putting theory to practice”.

As part of our collaboration with BIM-MEPAUS, we at ANZRS would like to ensure our members are kept abreast of events, such as this one:

The BIM-MEPAUS initiative seeks to address the following barriers that are currently preventing the effective take-up and use of building information modelling (BIM) within Australia:

  • significant time and cost burdens involved in customising BIM  modelling software to suit Australian design and construction requirements;
  • lack of industry standards around BIM MEP documentation;
  • poor consideration of the requirements for integrated project delivery; and
  • limited BIM Project Management and file management expertise within the industry.  

Speakers include Mr Cheng Tai Fatt, Group Director, Corporate Development Division, Singapore Building and Construction Authority, Dr Alasdair MacDonald, Director of Strategic Innovation for Balfour Beatty Group and many more.

On 2 August 2012, the BIM-MEPAUS Forum: “Putting Theory to Practice”  promises to be the most exciting BIM event this year.  This year’s presentations will have a diverse number of case studies such as project delivery innovation from a head contractors perspective, BIM enabled facility management, and a showcase of real Australian projects and workflows pursuant to the standards being developed.

Why should members of the property industry attend?

  • BIM-MEPAUS delivers common BIM standards across your portfolio allowing implementation of standardised asset and maintenance management and reporting.
  • BIM-MEPAUS documented projects are more likely to be constructible and easier to deliver with lower project time, quality and cost risks.
  • BIM-MEPAUS documented projects are going to be consistently documented from one project to another.
  • BIM-MEPAUS documented projects will be able to be more easily used for scheduling, cost management and sustainability.
  • Notwithstanding investments made to date in library and software content development, BIM-MEPAUS will significantly reduce modelling costs moving forward as a whole-of-industry effort that promotes standardisation.
  • Rather than working in a lonely BIM environment, BIM-MEPAUS will ensure that the design community has the tools necessary to support integrated project delivery and yield greater value added processes for design to fabrication.
  • Given the appetite shown to date consultants can expect clients to be requiring projects to be documented in BIM-MEPAUS moving forward.
  • BIM-MEPAUS based projects will require development of Revit capabilities from building services contractors’ and changes to current workflows.
  • BIM-MEPAUS properly implemented will reduce building services contractors’ construction documentation costs.

Please register to this year’s forum here