Call to arms: ANZRS v4.0

Greetings to All!

Well, it has been a while and yes, we have been quiet. There have been many developments over the past months, and there remains a need to have, and to sustain a national standard for Revit content.
The Dutch Revit User Group has taken ANZRS, translated it, and provided us with a wealth of great feedback which we must review.
Software features will be added or changed; new ideas will emerge; new people will generate new ideas. New informational needs by building owners will require those new ideas.
Within the AECO/FM industry, there is a renewed push behind the need for interoperability, and ANZRS endorses this. We’ve always seen ANZRS as a means to an end, and that a Revit-specific standard need not inhibit interoperability.
We’re initiating the development of ANZRS v4.0, and we are looking for contributors and new committee members.  We have a potential scope for this next phase, set out below.  We’re working toward a launch date to coincide with RTC Australasia 2014, to be held May 29-31, 2014.
If you think you can help, and you’d like to be a part of this exciting new development, please let us know by submitting feedback.  We welcome responses from those outside as well as within Australia.
If you have specific feedback on ANZRS itself, whether that be suggested improvements or your experience in implementing it, as always, we welcome this with a commitment to its ongoing improvement.


Suggested new scope

  • Develop a standard Material Naming Structure
  • Update to include new Revit features such as Adaptive Components and Reference Points
  • Establish funding to support further development of ANZRS

Suggested scope for upgrades

  • Review Dutch Revit User Group’s suggested additions
  • Review Subcategories (some additions are expected)
  • Shared Parameter descriptions and/or illustrations to better explain how ANZRS Shared Parameters should be used
  • Review/improve MEP content
  • Create and add images that better communicate what we mean in our descriptive documents
  • Create videos demonstrating best practices and/or compliance checking process
  • Provide family templates and example ANZRS-compliant families
  • Provide implementation case studies within various company types (consultants, manufacturer, content creators etc.)
  • Provide a case study of a particular manufacturer’s content that is ANZRS compliant, with feedback from consumers
  • Develop a parameter mapping solution (that allows batch update/swap of new ANZRS Shared Parameters, and/or conversion between standards)
  • IFC interoperability


We look forward to hearing from you!


The ANZRS Committee