ANZRS supplementary documents now available

Following the forum convened at RTCAUS 2014, we have two more documents available to assist industry.

The first has been written in response to calls for assistance from industry from those that have been asked to implement or adhere to ANZRS on projects.  It has become apparent that ANZRS has been thrust upon some projects by some people without any real understanding of why it has been created.  This document has been written to clarify a few items about how ANZRS can be effectively implemented – including those things that should be considered irrespective of who’s involved, and those that should be considered in context of the project requirements and project team capability.

You can download this document here:


The second document has been authored by Luke Johnston of IGS, who has been a passionate advocate of standards for manufacturers for some time – and the opportunities they present to manufacturers and the industry at large.  If you are a manufacturer, or you’re wanting to help one figure out how to respond to market demand to address BIM, this document is well worth the read.  You can download it here: